Surface Analysis and Material Characterization Services

We are capable to provide the following services using our state-of-the art analytical equipment:


Research and Development:

Quick inspection and examination of the prototype by various analytical techniques could lead to fully understanding the material functionality and properties. Examples: determination of the variation of Ti and N ratio across the TiN coating; chemical change of polymer surface before and after modification; confirmation of the construction of magnetic storage media.

Failure analysis:

Make use of proper analytical techniques could lead to fully understanding the failure of product. Examples: analysis on the surface contaminant could trace the origin; detection of discoloration, surface morphology, crack, pit or void could trace the abnormality of process parameters. 

Quality control:

Development of adequate analytical technique to govern the manufacturing process parameters in order to avoid producing non-conformance product. Examples: periodic inspection of plating thickness could confirm whether the deposition process within the product specifications; checking fineness of the precious metal coating could could trace the discrepancy of process parameters.